domingo, 30 de julho de 2017

The magic of life

One day someone told me that life is magic, but she also said that not everyone believes that magic really exists. It was said at that time that believing is a form of power and that everything becomes easier for those who never give up on their dreams. Yes, dreams are magical, at least that's what I heard ... but not everyone believes in dreams or magic.

But this is right for everyone, no one has to think the same ... the only certainty that you must have is that it is worthwhile to go forward and, however much the road seems tortuous, there will always be something new on the next curve. This is another magic of life, a new landscape can come when we least expect it.

All that we are, we will be.

I told that person that I believe in magic, dreams and miracles. This is called living.

Sidnei Coelho

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